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BOOSTTM is the newest blend in the family of enhanced Calcium Chlorides. A superb combination, with the melting power of Calcium Chloride coupled with the performance enhancement and corrosion protection of the organic inhibitor.

BOOSTTM is designed to perform where other materials fall short.

BOOSTTM with Calcium Chloride is an anti-icing/de-icing material additive produced from natural renewable resources.

BOOSTTM with Calcium Chloride is a versatile ice control material superior to any available liquid material. It offers lower freeze point protection, higher viscosity, superior corrosion protection and durability unequaled in the ice control market today.

BOOSTTM with Calcium Chloride has a synergistic property that greatly enhances melting activity compared to other materials. An industry high 39% concentration is 30% higher than any other available material. A consistent supply means uninterrupted service and unprecedented corrosion protection.

BOOSTTM with Calcium Chloride has a proven track record in the industry as the PREMIUM anti-ice/de-ice material available on the market today. Your program will benefit SIGNIFICANTLY with the addition of BOOST™with Calcium Chloride. Lower application rates, superior corrosion suppression, and the durability of BOOST™ with Calcium Chloride will allow you to provide a LEVEL OF SERVICE never before available to your customers.
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