BOOSTTM is the perfect blend of performance and protection.
BOOSTTM adds a synergistic value to the inhibitor package and may be used in harmony with higher concentrations of anti-icers without causing precipitation or stratification.
BOOSTTM will lower application rates and slow the dilution rate for increased operation efficiencies.
BOOSTTM requires no filtering. It is a free-flowing material that will not plug spray nozzles, no material falls out in the tank and stays in suspension while stored over long periods of time and in colder climates.
BOOSTTM is readily available in bulk quantities.

BOOSTTM resulted in a >80% reduction in corrosion than that of NaCl.
BOOSTTM can be effectively used in bridge systems without plugging smaller nozzles.
BOOSTTM has excellent co-efficient of friction performance.
BOOSTTM is the product of choice for pre-wetting salt and sand. Field testing on salt that has been pre-wet at the spinner show reductions in corrosion of 60% to 70%.
Winter road - winter in Pasco, WA
Traffic jam in snowy conditions - winter road in Pasco, WA
Snowy road conditions - Applications in Pasco, WA


  • Markedly increased performance
  • Substantially reduced corrosion
  • Low-temperature storage
  • Enhanced viscosity
  • No agitation requirements
  • Reliable supply


  • Anti-ice applications
  • De-ice applications
  • Stock pile treatment
  • PNS-oriented programs
  • Pre-wet solid abrasive
  • Pre-wet solid salt