Boost SB

BOOST SB = Better Salt Brine
Maximize you salt brine applications with the revolutionary BOOST SB enhancement package. BOOST SB makes your program more versatile by achieving results not attainable with salt brine alone.

What can BOOST SB do for you ?
  • Meets PNS requirements for corrosion criteria
  • Increases Salt brine viscosity for better adhesion to the road surface
  • Increase melting capacity
  • Improves operating temperature
  • Quickly activates solid salt activity off the spinner
  • Reduces "white dusting" when you application dries
  • Reduces salt interface with foliage along the route to reduce poterntial burning

Start your operations off in the right direction by including BOOST SB in your brining program. BOOST SB is an affordable avenue to increase your level of service and improve efficiency.