Performance Characteristics


BOOST TM with CaCl2

BOOSTTM is the newest blend in the family of enhanced Calcium Chlorides. A superb combination, with the melting power of Calcium Chloride coupled with the performance enhancement and corrosion protection of the organic inhibitor BOOST™ is designed to perform where other chlorides fall short.


  • Enhances the de-icing properties of dry materials.
  • Reduces bounce and scatter losses during application from a 30% loss down to only a 4% loss.
  • Reduces material needed for effectiveness.


  • Application rates start as low as 8-15 GLPM.
  • Stream apply. Do not fan spray or mist.
  • Begin application when the pavement temperature is expected to drop to 32 F or below, ideally as precipitation is beginning.
  • Easy to see when applied.
Freezing Point Depression


  • Stream apply. Do not fan spray or mist.
  • Allow to penetrate accumulation, then plow as usual.
  • Burns through hardpack to spread along pavement.
  • Makes removal easier–breaks bonded ice and snow from the roadway.
  • Snow/ice start thawing immediately–no sunshine needed.
  • No dust-causing abrasives needed.

Lower eutectic performance

  • A freeze point that starts out at -52F.
  • A freeze curve with superior melting capacity.

Product consistency

  • No Carnallite of Gypsum fallout.
  • Manufactured under strictly controlled plant conditions.
  • Smooth, blended product time after time.

Ready to use product

  • No mixing dry materials before use.
  • Little or no agitation required.
  • Will not stratify in tank.

Lower application rates

  • Up to 30% MORE melting concentration than other materials.

An excellent choice for bridge systems and fixed systems

  • Won't clog orifices.